4 February 2016


ECCC digital competence certification standard for IT users defines several proficiency levels: from Foundation, through Intermediate and Advanced until Highly Specialised, accordingly to the European Commission’s  terminology. The certification standard is divided on areas and modules  The Digital Competences Area (DigComp) is fully compliant with  the DigComp framework of the European Commission and follows all its modifications. The list of other areas is also gradually updated. The range of competences on particular proficiency levels and modules are defined precisely in syllabuses.

Different roles across industries call for different levels of expertise. ECCC certifications address those differences with a wide variety of topics and a wide range of competence levels. To facilitate appropriate selection of the scope and proficency level of an examination, ECCC experts  put together an organized list of modules in a Competency Matrix. 

Passing an ECCC exam on a chosen level demonstrates earned competencies and is communicated as a percentage value on an official ECCC certificate. The duration and content of each exam vary from module to module. Also, there are no prerequisites before signing up for an exam and no restrictions on choosing the test level.

Dear Employers,
There is no doubt that competent employees add value to your business. They deliver quality work in a timely manner instead of spending their time learning or correcting frequent mistakes. Every position you hire for has its own demands and the best candidate to fill that position already has an appropriate set of skills to set them and you up for success. 

A candidate holding an ECCC Certificate has a proven set of skills on a level visually structured in our Competency Matrix.

Dear Employees,
Digital competencies are highly sought after in today’s job market. Holding an ECCC Certificate will give you a formal verification of your skills and help you stand out against competition. Challenge yourself by choosing to pursue one of the ECCC Certifications summarized in the Competency Matrix.

Dear European Citizen,
The rapid growth of technology in the 21st century helped the world to become more interconnected, ultimately making life much easier. To take the full advantage of todays’ digital possibilities, start building your educational path with ECCC Certificates. The variety of our modules will expose you to valuable knowledge and teach you advanced skills that open doors to becoming an active member of the global e-community. 

Dear Training Centers,
ECCC Certificates are an ideal tool for demonstrating the product of training projects especially when projects are financed from public sources. Implementing external exams is an impartial method for raising the efficiency and motivation in the teaching-learning relationship between the trainers and the trainees. Check our Competence Matrix or contact us to learn more how our certificates fit with your training programs.

ECCC Certification is a Polish initiative that aims to support the development of IT communities in and outside of Europe.