6 February 2016



The ECCC certification system does not impose an order on passing individual modules. This approach makes it easier to match competencies to specific roles. In order to support you with selecting the most appropriate module for your goals, the ECCC Foundation created the Competence Matrix. Because of their flexibility, the ECCC Certifications recognize and accommodate unique needs of each examinee.


adv-standardizationThe structure of ECCC exams complies with competence requirements outlined in the ECCC syllabi. The published syllabi establish the examination norms, lay out the scope of the material and provide foundations for creating training programs.



The results of an exam are calculated as a percentage value to accurately quantify learned competencies. Each exam covers the material in a form of multiple choice questions which ensures accuracy of the results.



Each ECCC exam on A and B level is made unique by our Examination System that randomly selects every question and later verifies the answer. Each exam is proctored by an ECCC professional to assure the high examination standards set by our Foundation are fully met. 

ECCC exams on higher levels C and D test the knowledge of complex material therefore they are carried out in the form of projects. The projects are then evaluated by trained ECCC examiners. It is important to mention that the higher the testing level, the longer the exam.

adv-gratuityInstant Access

The ECCC examination system allows for the results of A and B level exams to be instantly viewed and printed out. An official Certificate is issued by the Examination Center and secured with a hologram trademark.

adv-expansionAgile Growth

CS and IT are dynamic fields. To reflect the latest changes and always stay up to date, ECCC regularly updates all certification modules.


adv-innovationWe understand that modern education requires flexibility, therefore our platform offers exams that can be adjusted depending on the desired level of difficulty and breadth of the material. This flexibility paired with objectivity, standardization, and quality make the ECCC certification system innovative on the European scale.