6 February 2016

Examination centres

The ECCC Foundation would like to invite you to partner with us to create an ECCC Examination Centre at your institution.

Functions and goals of ECCC Examination Centre:

  • Conducting ECCC exams.
  • Obtaining a permission licence to conduct ECCC exams awarded by the ECCC Foundation and approved by the ECCC Central Examination Centre.

ECCC Examination Centre provides:

  • Organising and conducting ECCC exams.
  • Access to ECCC Examination Centre.
  • Printing certificates and distributing them to participants.
  • Financal service pertaining to the exams.

Essential requirements for obtaining the status of an ECCC Examination Centre:

  • Signing an agreement with at least one ECCC examiner: there is an option of delegating one of your employees to participate in the ECCC examiner training
  • Selecting an ECCC Administrator who would be responsible for the coordination of exams and the access to the ECCC Examination System. This role can be offered to the ECCC examiner or anyone who has gone through specialized training. 
  • Having access to a computer lab that fulfills the ECCC examination centre guidelines. 
  • Having access to the Internet as it is necessary for downloading all exam sessions.
  • Having access to a printer to provide the exam participants with official ECCC Certificates that are secured with a hologram trademark provided by the ECCC Foundation.

Benefits of hosting an ECCC Examination Centre:

  • Gaining prestige by offering certifications according to the international standards.
  • Expanding the educational offer of the participating institution.
  • Having access to additional funding opportunities.